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Telford Millennium Community

We are currently working on one of the Government's Millennium Communities designed to explore the new agendas of better quality design, sustainability, and prefabrication (Egan). The brownfield site was once a mining area and thus presents major remediation issues. The client body comprising Taylor Woodrow and English Partnerships lodged a planning application and a detailed Phase 1 application. The development will accommodate up to 750 dwellings of which some 30% will be affordable, and the opportunity for a mix of uses. The project aims to minimise resource consumption, protect and enhance the local environment, increase social inclusion and participation and achieve long-term economic viability. The environmental sensitivity of the site meant that development has had to work around valuable habitats, mine shafts and waste tips. The masterplan promotes the concept of home zones and contemporary house design. The project has won several awards and the masterplan was shortlisted for the Urban Design Group Francis Tibbalds Award 2008.

Client: English Partnerships, Taylor Woodrow
Collaborators: Lifschutz Davidson, ENTEC, Capita Symonds, URBED, Phil Jones Associates