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Taunton Town Centre

As part of the envisioning process for the future of Taunton, a series of studies on key parts of the Town Centre was undertaken for SWERDA, the Taunton & Deane Council and Somerset County Council.  The prospect of the town being the 'capital' of the South West region galvanised both local Councils and other stakeholders to look at the potential for regeneration of sites along the River Ton.  These included:

Firepool, redundant railway land with potential for a new civic core with waterside park.
The County Cricket ground and the redevelopment of the town's theatre.
The environmental improvement of the High Street and the creation of a new Market Square.
The creation of a new riverside with a series of walks, public spaces and activities linking the water with the heart of the Town Centre.
Tangier redundant gasworks, which could become a new mixed use area that would include a new cultural core for the Town.

JRUD explored each of these areas and produced a conceptual urban design strategy and plans for each site, which became a central plank for a major public consultation process.

Client: South West of England Regional Development Agency