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Cottam Hall, Preston - urban extension

JRUD acted as masterplanners for the extension of the neighbourhood of Cottam Hall in north Preston. Following the lifting of the moratorium on Greenfield Development, HCA commissioned Atkins to prepare a plan to complete the neighbourhood. Extensive consultation with stakeholders and the local community resulted in proposals that reflect the ecological sensitivity of the area, with the retention of mature hedgerows and newt ponds as a key feature of the new plan. The plan sought to reinforce the existing neighbourhood centre and provide simple permeable and direct links to key assets such as schools, play and sports facilities and the Lancaster Canal. A Street Design Guide was produced to illustrate home-zones with SUDS. Planning permission has now been granted. The project was shortlisted for the RTPI Planning Award for the North West

Client: Homes & Communities Agency
Collaborators: Atkins, TEP