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Christchurch Town Centre

Christchurch is often seen as a sleepy suburb of Bournemouth.  In fact it is a thriving town with roots deep in the Anglo Saxon period.  The Priory stands proud as a symbol of its importance.  Yet the Town Centre is ailing.  It has been divided by a major traffic route creating great severance.  It has limited public access to it main waterside assets.  Areas of the Town Centre are unmanaged and create unwelcoming environments.  The task was to find ways to improve the performance of the Town Centre, not only in retail and tourism terms but also in terms of provision of new civic spaces, new pedestrian routes, an improved public realm and a more friendly pedestrian environment.  JRUD was responsible for the Urban Design Strategy and Framework for Development, as well as detailed proposals for a key site adjacent to the Magistrates Court.  Careful analysis, historic resonance and practical advice have contributed to a long term programme to radically improve the Town Centre.

Client: Christchurch Borough Council
Collaborators: DTZ, Alan Baxter Associates, Macgregor Smith