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Stranraer Waterfront Urban Design Strategy and Masterplan

Stranraer is situated at the head of Loch Ryan and this is one of the town's defining attributes. The town lies at the south-western tip of Scotland, at one of the shortest crossing points between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. It is recognised as a strategic location and the district capital and commercial trading centre with Ireland. Loch Ryan has the potential to become a major UK tourist destination and centre for water sports and other leisure activities. Through enhanced tourism, Stranraer's waterfront area could be capable of sustaining new commercial and residential development which would benefit the town and the wider region. JRUD was part of a team that produced an Urban Design Strategy and Masterplan for Stranraer waterfront and to "To reposition Stranraer and Loch Ryan as a distinctive and successful marine leisure destination".

To achieve this the masterplan addressed the following objectives:
  To reconnect the town centre with the waterfront
  To encourage high quality architectural design
  To create a more pedestrian-friendly environment
  To create opportunities and infrastructure for access
  to the water
  To change perceptions of Stranraer from a ferry port
  to a leisure destination
  To substantially increase the number of people who
  visit Stranraer and the surrounding area.

Delivery mechanisms and a menu of costed projects will allow the council and key stakeholders to establish a plan to deliver change and improvement over the next 10 years.

The masterplan has been nominated for a 2011 Scottish Design Award in the Placemaking and Masterplanning Category.

Client: Dumfries and Galloway Council
Collaborators: Smith Scott Mullan Associates, Yellow Book, Drew Mackie Associates, Hamilton-Baillie Associates