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Lewisham Gateway and Town Centre

As part of the SRB programme for Lewisham, some £15 million has been set aside for a seven year programme to:

Create a regional public transport interchange and           new urban environment
Create opportunity for local people, and
Promote business success in Lewisham.

The project was geared to producing planning and development briefs, based on a viable development scenario that balanced the needs of key stakeholders in the area.  To do this three options have been explored, inter alia to:

Improve and protect the environment by promoting the use of public transport and pedestrian access to local shops, rivers, and open spaces.
Redesign roads to be more effective and less polluting, and integrating passenger links to public transport.
Realise the commercial potential of the interchange and other town centre sites.

These options ranged from minimal intervention to radical redevelopment, and were the subject of a major public consultation programme. JRUD was part of the team that assisted the GLA and the LDA to take the project to international tender. The project was illustrated in CABE's recent publication Creating Successful Masterplans. JRUD is currently acting as Design Advisor to Lewisham Council working with the successful developer to deliver the project.

Client: Lewisham Borough Council/Lewisham SRB Board, London Development Agency
Collaborator: Chesterton, Colin Buchanan & Partners