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Harlow Area Investment and Renewal Programme Urban Capacity Study


The practice joined with GVA Grimley to provide a number of Local Action Plans, investment strategies and frameworks designed to meet the challenges of growth and sustainability facing Harlow in the light of development pressures north of London. Harlow was built as a model community. The plan for the town was forward thinking and directly addressed how people could live after WW2. It incorporated neighbourhood centres to ensure people could walk to shops, work and schools. It was also designed for the car. Much of the structure has not changed but the condition of the housing and the quality of development has fallen short of many aspirations. The team proposed new strategies for key routes such as Edinburgh Way, regeneration programmes for Old Harlow, Staple Tye, Prentice Place and other local Centres and 'Hatches', capacity studies for key areas, and provided advice to the Council on the ODPM's GAFF II programme.

Client: Harlow District Council
Collaborator: GVA Grimley