Design Research Project for a major national developer
The practice is involved in a design research study looking at how to improve the quality of 'place-making' and the design of dwellings. The research is based on interview, case studies and design assessments and covers the procurement of design from an institutional perspective to the actualities on the ground. Why are some housing developments well considered and others poorly designed? How can design be improved? The Design Research suggests a range of actions.

Design Advisor to Cherwell District Council
Jon Rowland has been providing masterplanning and coding advice to Cherwell District Council in particular on the masterplan for 2000 self build units and mixed use centre at Graven Hill. He has worked closely with officers to ensure appropriate coding.

Design Advisor to West Oxfordshire District Council
Jon has worked closely with West Oxfordshire and Cherwell District Councils providing masterplanning and design advice for proposals for the expansion of Woodstock. This has included looking at issues related to world heritage, urban, landscape and architectural design.

Hertfordshire County Council Design Review Panel
Jon Rowland has been appointed a Chair of the Hertfordshire County Council Design Review Panel. He has participated in their Building Futures award programme which aims to promote sustainable and high quality development in the area.

Oxford Design Review Panel
Jon Rowland has been appointed a Panel Member of the Oxford Design Review Panel, part of CABE's City Deal. The panel provides design advice through review and workshops to the City Council on significant applications and proposals.

Great Abington
The practice has worked with URBED and TPP on the conceptual framework for a new garden town in Cambridgeshire.

Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert
Jon Rowland has been appointed as one of the Design Council CABE's Built Environment Experts.